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Miracle MMR Version 3.0
Medication Management Review.


Windows and Palm OS Software for Accredited Pharmacists

Version 3.0 out now with automatic HIC HMR Claim Form, HIC HMR Confirmation of Interview form and Patient Info Report that enables viewing of all patient data while typing up recommendations.

Designed by experienced, accredited (AACP) and certified (CGP) consultant pharmacists FOR pharmacists.

"Miracle MMR© will assist Accredited pharmacists gather information for analysis and reporting by an accredited pharmacist. The program will also guide and support domiciliary and aged care facility medication management reviews conducted by accredited pharmacists."

Miracle MMR© is the newest product of its kind on the Australian market and sets new standards in its category. While being competitively priced, the package is superior to existing products in terms of:

1. simplicity
2. functionality
3. information storage accuracy and neatness
4. reporting design and flexibility
5. statistical analysis
6. multiple operating systems (Windows and/or Palm OS)
7. portability- can be used on a laptop/notebook or PDA (e.g. palm Vx, palm m500, visor handheld)

(1) Software Standard and Evauluation of Products Against the Standard September 2003. Funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing as part of the Third Community Pharmacy Agreement Research and Development Grants Program. http://www.guild.org.au/public/researchdocs/dmmr_software_review.pdf

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